The most important asset is our people.

IMAJ GLOBAL being established to sell and provide technical services of Image Plant. Has the production capacity of 15,000 tons / year in flexible packaging and makes investment regulary to latest technology. Specialized mainly in food packaging, manufactures all kinds of flexibles.

Depending on our deep experience and knowledge of several years developed activities in different areas of the packaging. Continues to work in chemical industry, in the field of raw materials and special chemicals.

IMAJ GLOBAL is one of the leader flexible packaging producer in Turkey and exports over 30+ countries worldwide:

IMAJ GLOBAL manufactures printed (rotogravure & flexo), unprinted, cold sealed, hot sealed, hot melt, embossed and laminated flexible packaging products it has also specialized in manufacturing various flexible packaging products for various other industries as well.

IMAJ GLOBAL provides logistics, design and technical support services from North America to Europe, from North Africa to the Middle East and to the Turkic Republics in central Asia and has adopted the policy of fast lead times and quality service.

We are regularly audited for ISO 9001 (TUV-SUD) , ISO 22000(TUV-SUD), BRC-IOP (SGS), AIB and SEDEX(SGS)


Our basic principles are targeting to be the “best” with our customer-focused strategy, business ethics, integrity and to become a good player in the world. “To be the best” is our ultimate goal. To create value for our customers, give support to our customers before and after sales and to maintain our positive image is our main mission.

The most important asset is our people.